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Are Custom Wedding Rings More Expensive Than A Traditional Wedding Ring

Weddings are a wonderful time for brides and grooms. It's their chance to say their vows to each other, and in front of their friends and family. With such fantastic celebrations, however, it is important that the groom purchase the bride a beautiful wedding ring to symbolize the love he feels for her. For many women, custom wedding rings are what they’re after, and they want something that is unique and different rather than the traditional wedding ring. The bride and groom need to look no further than Menashe & Sons Jewelers for their wedding ring needs. They will love the way that they are made to feel when they shop with this jeweler.

Menashe & Sons Jewelers

With over 45 years of experience, Menashe & Sons Jewelers is helping brides and grooms find the perfect wedding ring in West Seattle. Their attention to detail and perfection allows them to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are extremely exquisite. Jack Menashe is the founder and owner of the company and two of his children are also involved in the business. He has always loved to create the best jewelry possible and wants to make sure that his customers are always satisfied with their purchase. The company also completes appraisals and repairs for the area that they service.  

Is A Custom Wedding Ring More Expensive Than A Traditional (Stand Alone) Wedding Ring?

When people want to purchase a custom ring, they will need to know what type of style they are thinking of getting. Since this can matter a lot in terms of price, the cost for the piece will vary. With many traditional rings, the cost could be less but not necessarily. It will all depend on what the person would like to have on the ring. For most people, the price for a one-of-a-kind piece is not important as it means so much more to the bride to have one that is unusual and unique to her.  

Custom Wedding Rings

Choosing a Custom Wedding Ring in Seattle


Women can have their custom wedding ring made from diamonds or other stones. They can use gold or silver. It is all up to them. As they discuss what they are looking for with the company, they will be able to see how many unique pieces have been made. Once they have made up their mind, the work will begin on the ring and in no time, they will have the piece of their dreams. It will mean so much to them, and the company looks forward to making every customer as happy as possible. It's all a part of a day's work at Menashe & Sons Jewelers.

Customer Service With Menashe & Sons Jewelers Is Excellent

People will always find that dealing with the company will be a special time. If they have any type of questions that they need to be answered, they will get all of the answers that they need and then they can make the best decisions on the ring that they wish to purchase. Should they experience any problems or concerns, these will be handled in the best way possible. The customer service is excellent and people love the way that they are treated by the company. They recommend them to other people that they know like their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers so that they can also find the ring of their dreams.  

Satisfaction Of The Customer Is Key To Menashe & Sons Jewelers

The company believes in keeping its customers satisfied. They want to be sure that they are happy with the purchase that they made and that is why the workmanship is guaranteed to please. Everyone at the company works diligently to create the best pieces in the industry that will be impressive to their customers at all times. Their purchase will be one that they can be proud of for many years to come.  

The Contact Information And The Hours Of Operation For Menashe & Sons Jewelers

Menashe and Sons Jewelers is located at 4532 California Avenue SW and is in Seattle, WA in zip code 98116. The email address is menashejewelers@gmail.com.

They can be reached by calling the phone number (206) 932-4272. The hours of operation are Monday - Friday: 10am - 5:30pm, Saturday: 10am - 5pm and Sunday: Closed. It's important that customers call for the hours during the holidays.  

Weddings are a wonderful way to show how much two people love each other. They will make their wedding something so special that the two of them will never forget it. It is something so wonderful. Menashe & Sons Jewelers offers a wide selection of custom and traditional wedding rings. People love what they are able to find when they shop with this jeweler. It will be something that the bride will cherish for the rest of her life and her groom will truly be proud to give her such a beautiful ring.