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Bridal Jewelry

Choosing Bridal Jewelry in Seattle

Whether you’re looking to buy his and her wedding bands, an old fashioned diamond solitaire engagement ring, or perhaps thank you gifts for your various attendants such as tankards, watches, or engraved silver picture frames, your local jeweler will likely have a great option. 

that serves as an outward indication of their marriage. Therefore, it is imperative to pick one that is both flattering and comfortable. The most traditional wedding rings are made from yellow gold. However, bands made from titanium, platinum, rose gold, or Welsh gold, white gold, or even the much affordable choice of stainless steel are gradually increasing in popularity.

Beautiful bridal jewelry sets are greatly paired for an attractive finishing touch on the wedding day. Apart from matching the style of any bride, our hand-crafted range of collections will complete your bridal gown appearance. Menashe & Sons Jewelers is known to be one of the leading Seattle wedding jewelers.

Before shopping for your bridal jewelry, you need to understand some basics.

Engagement Rings

According to tradition, it is traditional for the groom to spend a month's salary on the engagement ring, and to buy it before proposing. Brides nowadays usually prefer to have a say when it comes to the style of their ring - primarily because it is such a huge investment and something that you’ll wear for a very long time. Perhaps you don't want to choose a traditional diamond ring? Well, the bride's birthstone will make a wonderful individual substitute. Bespoke wedding rings and engagement rings are not particularly costlier and guarantee that you’ll get a unique choice.

Most of our customers have decided to ‘pop the big question’ traditionally and we always love to hear their plans and stories to make a beautiful memory that will be treasured. Our team of professionals is on hand and after sitting down with you, they will guide you through the process of choosing a stunning engagement ring that will be truly perfect for your significant other. And you don't have to worry that you’ll make the ‘wrong’ choice… we’ll gladly exchange the ring in case your partner secretly had their eye on another thing. Visit our store or check out our website for ideas, or talk to our friendly team in-store or online.

Wedding Rings

One of the most personal pieces of jewelry that you will ever own is your wedding ring. This is because apart from the meaning behind wearing it, and the vows that you’ve made to one another during the wedding ceremony's ring exchange, it is most likely the only piece of jewelry that you’ll always wear for the rest of your life.

Although engagement rings are usually passed from one generation to the next, the same rarely occurs with wedding rings and there is a high likelihood that you’ll be choosing a new one. Pick your wedding jewelry keenly; you will own it forever.

Traditionally, the best man is expected to look after these wedding rings until that period of the wedding ceremony when the rings will be blessed and placed on your fingers. However, some couples opt to have a ring bearer who carries the wedding rings on a cushion at the right part of the ceremony. Although this ring bearer is usually a small page boy, most couples are nowadays becoming creative with this custom. With the celebrant’s permission, they may use anything such as their pet dog carrying it around their collar or even a barn owl with a uniquely made leather pouch tied on the leg. According to custom, the wedding ring is usually worn on your left hand’s fourth finger. It is common for the bride to remove her engagement ring prior to the wedding ceremony, and replace it once the wedding ring is placed on her finger.

An attractive piece of wedding jewelry will serve as part of your dream day, as well as a joyful reminder for years to come. At Menashe & Sons Jewelers, we offer a variety of wedding rings for you to choose your perfect dream piece. 

Wedding Jewelry

A careful selection of wedding jewelry may add an extra wow factor to the wedding outfit. Have you considered your dress style, fabric, and neckline? Will you wear your hair up or down? You can find some beautiful necklaces with stunning detailing at the neck’s back which will look amazing if your hair is up. Most brides offer their bridesmaids a gift of the bracelet, earrings, or necklace that they would prefer them wearing as part of their bridesmaid attire.

Bridal Tiaras & Hair Accessories

Not every bride may wear them, but sparkly hair accessories or a bridal tiara can have a significant role in your general bridal outfit. You certainly don’t want to have a cheap costume tiara that might make you look as if you’re dressing as a princess from a school dress-up box. This is the time to spoil yourself and go for something really cute that you’ll treasure after your big day. No matter if you have chosen to wear a more modern accessory or a family heirloom, remember to ensure that it is balanced with your make-up, hair, and shoes, and that you take any bridal tiaras or hair accessories that you are considering wearing to the hairdresser to add to your hairstyle.


Bridal Jewelry for Every Style and Dress

When it comes to strapless dresses, you won’t go wrong with thin diamond bracelets and romantic blossom necklaces. On the other hand, chains with a single pendant are an ideal option for dresses with narrow straps or V-necks. Nonetheless, there are a lot of options when it comes to your earrings. You might choose shimmering pearls or a few drop earrings set with excellent-cut diamonds in order to complete your glamorous appearance. You could also add some sparkle with long earrings and glittering creoles, especially if you decide to wear your hair up. Having said that, less is often more with bridal jewelry. And after all, only one ring should be the focus of everybody’s attention on the wedding day - the wedding ring. In case you opt for a fairytale wedding dress comprising elaborate details, then a delicate bracelet or a pair of classic solitaire earrings will be enough. 

Unique Ideas for Your Bridal Jewelry

The old wedding tradition dictates that the bride needs to carry something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on her big day. If you are planning to continue this tradition with jewelry, just give us your piece(s) so that we can resize or remodel it. We can take the brooch you inherited from your grandma and come up with a modern necklace for your wedding day. We could also design custom pieces depending on your ideas of everything you’d like to wear on your dream day. Therefore, if you cannot find your ideal jewelry on our website, we would be glad to advise you and find the best wedding jewelry for you.

So, what is the best advice that we can give you with bridal jewelry? You need to go for pieces that match your usual style, and don’t forget that less is often more! Our wide range of earrings and pendants will make the best addition to your appearance. And if you want something a bit more special, go ahead and schedule a consultation with our jewelry experts and discover our bespoke design service.