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  • Vintage 5.0 Carats Cushion Cut Diamond Ring in Platinum
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Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings

We are fascinated by objects that can be traced back to a bygone era as a culture. Vintage cars, original edition books, ancient paintings, and family-owned estates are all considered to be historically significant, elegant, and valuable. A similar sentiment applies to jewelry. 

A piece of jewelry with a history has a magical quality and is an excellent investment as well. Collectors of antique jewelry aren't just rich people. Modern jewelry lovers seek out antique jewelry, vintage engagement rings, and unique pieces from the past. Unfortunately, there are many dangers in the vintage jewelry market, so it is important to look for trusted agents who can give you the real deal. By jewelry industry standards, a piece is considered vintage when it dates back between 50 and 100 years. While a piece that's been around for more than a century is considered antique. 

It is nearly impossible to match the timeless, enchanting beauty of vintage and antique jewelry today. They are typically handmade by skilled craftsmen who pay great attention to detail, displaying a sense of elegance and using old-world techniques that are unmatched by modern design.

Many antique pieces of jewelry were handcrafted by skilled craftsmen as one-off pieces for members of the upper classes. Jewelry from another era, with its own story to tell, has a certain romance to it. We create a new chapter in its sparkling history when we acquire an antique or vintage piece of jewelry. Almost anyone can choose a piece of modern jewelry from a well-known jewelry brand, but you must be a person of style if you are interested in hunting down a beautiful antique or vintage piece of jewelry that you adore.

It is VAT-free to purchase antique and vintage jewelry, so you should pay 20% less than what you would for a similar piece if you were buying new jewelry. Furthermore, there are no manufacturing costs to be considered when determining the price. By buying old jewelry, you're buying the same quality or even high-quality gemstones and precious metals without paying a hefty price for the seller's overhead.

It is almost impossible to find the same level of quality and craftsmanship in high-end bespoke pieces as we see in older jewelry. A high level of skill was required to make jewelry in the past, and designing pieces for rich clients took a long time. As a consequence, the craftsmanship is often more refined than that of even the best jewelry made today.

Vintage jewelry can be an expensive purchase that requires a great deal of effort and research. It is a difficult process for people who do not know the ins and outs of the business. Among Seattle's best retailers, we have the largest collection of vintage and antique jewelry. It is one of our greatest joys to curate our beautiful collection of antique and vintage pieces!