Menashe & Sons Jewelers

Our Story

Menashe & Sons Jewelers is the premier fine jeweler in West Seattle, specializing in custom creations and unique jewelry pieces. We have served our Seattle community for 45 years with a commitment to selling beautiful and quality jewelry pieces.

Our full-service store strives to provide all of your appraisal and repair needs from jewelry, watches, and clocks. Our dedicated staff will take the time to work with you to ensure you are satisfied in every possible way. 

Custom Jewelry

The heart of Menashe & Sons is custom jewelry. With leading master jewelers in the jewelry industry we create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that are of the finest quality. This is one of the reasons why Menashe’s shines more than most retail jewelers in the community and beyond. We offer the ability to create any piece of jewelry you desire. If you do not see it, we will design it for you, and it will be a unique piece that only you have. 

The Menashe Legacy

Jack Menashe, our founder, is known as a kind and generous man in his West Seattle community. He has four grown children, three sons, one daughter, and twelve grandchildren. Two out of Jack’s four children are jewelers: the oldest Joshua is his right hand man and youngest, Joanna, is involved in the family business as well. 

Jack shares with his wife Linda often, “I have lived the American dream.”  From where he started as a boy to the owner of an established jewelry store.