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Things to Know When Dealing with Jewelry Repair in Seattle

Everyone views their jewelry differently. They may love jewelry, keeping it looking polished and clean, and their jewelry may last a lifetime. There are, however, times when jewelry may get damaged. This is detrimental to those who value the jewelry as it has special meaning to them.

Increasing Value Over Time

When people purchase fine jewelry, they may not realize that it increases in value over time. This is completely different from buying a motor vehicle because the car's value starts to depreciate as soon as it leaves the sales floor. Fine jewelry holds its value, whereas most other purchases' value decreases. Even costume jewelry keeps its value, and people usually keep them. That is why people either repair their jewelry or simply buy new jewelry.

When Is Someone Likely To Fix Jewelry?

Depending on what has happened to the piece of jewelry, people realize it will deteriorate with wear and tear, especially if the jewelry is worn daily. As time goes on, people find that repairing clasps on necklaces or bracelets is common. Many types of repairs may need to be done. 

The More Drastic Breakages

One of the most severe breakages and very common damage is when the diamond of a ring is lost due to damages caused by exposure to chemicals. This is when repairs are required. Jewelry often has sentimental value, and this is when people prefer to repair the damaged item rather than discarding it and buying new. But on the other hand, a person may feel that the breakage is too severe, and purchasing a new piece of jewelry just as valuable and looks nice, and this would be the best thing to do.

What Is The Value Of The Piece Of Jewelry?

Jewelry usually has excellent value. A person needs to decide the value of their jewelry before repairing or replacing it. Costume jewelry may not be worth repairing as its value is not high. If a piece of jewelry is very valuable or difficult to replace, it would be beneficial to repair.  It would be good to take the damaged piece of jewelry to the store where it was initially bought and look into the different repair options. If a person cannot remember where they purchased the jewelry, they would seek a reputable jewelry repair company in Seattle.

Jewelry Repair Seattle

The company repairing the piece of jewelry will give the client the attention they deserve. The consultant will take a look at the jewelry and determine the damage and what it would cost to repair. If the client decides to go ahead with the repair, they will need to fill out paperwork for the repair service.

Check The Insurance

Insurance often covers repair costs. The person needs to check with the jeweler and discuss their insurance and repair options. If insurance is available, it is always a good idea to use it.

When Should A Person Buy New Jewelry?

It's a good idea to buy new jewelry if the piece is not of high value and there is not an emotional attachment. A client will find a comparable piece to replace it with. Whether it is an exchange of costume jewelry or a piece of jewelry of high quality, it is not difficult to find a similar item. More money may have to be paid if the insurance does not cover it.

People Should Make Sure That They Work With A Jeweler That They Can Count On

Seattle Jewelry Repair

It is essential to find a reputable jeweler. They will be sure to give the best advice, and the jeweler will have the knowledge and facilities to repair the piece in a reasonable amount of time. Clients should ask for discounts or free repairs, but it may be worth paying for repairs, especially if the piece is valuable.  

Pricing Out The Jewelry

If you decide to purchase a new piece, replacing it with a damaged piece of jewelry, you will want to look at the different jewelry and prices. They will have a large selection, and it is essential to take your time, selecting the best purchase. It is always beneficial to take advantage of any sales, promotions, or discounts, allowing the client to purchase jewelry at a reasonable price.  

Some People Can Repair Their Own Jewelry

Some people prefer to repair their jewelry. It is not recommended unless the person has the proper supplies and knows what they are doing. In most cases, professional jewelry repairs are best done by a jeweler. However, if the jewelry piece is not expensive and the novice wants to save money on repairs, home repairs may be feasible.

A Trusted Jeweler - Menashe and Sons 

Menashe and Sons' website is http://menashejewelers.com/ and they are a trusted jeweler for jewelry repair in Seattle. They are qualified to service gold, platinum, silver and some costume jewelry. They do most of their repairs on their premises but some need to be taken off-site. Since they are experienced and practiced in their field, they always meet the industry standards, giving people another reason to trust them completely.    

Repairing Jewelry in Seattle

People Love To Deal With Them For Jewelry Repair Seattle

When a customer has a piece of jewelry that no longer looks the same, or a ring, for example, loses a stone, they take it to Menashe and Sons. This is because Menashe and Sons are professional, experienced jewelers. They are known to give the best advice, and their prices are very reasonable.  

It is wonderful having a trusted jeweler who is open to answering questions and giving sound advice on what should be done. Since many people have an emotional attachment concerning their jewelry, Menashe and Sons always take this into consideration. They will give sound advice on whether to repair broken jewelry or buy a new piece.